Large Flower Agate Heart

Lattice Wing
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Flower Agate is a soft pink/beige translucent agate with white and cream-colored three-dimensional opaque chalcedony inclusions that look like flowers.  It has a soft, feminine energy that encourages you to give yourself what you need to grow.  It decreases fear and self-doubt and facilitates growth.  It helps to heal the heart of long-held trauma and pain.  Use it to help manifest your true path and purpose.

Note: Flower Agate has a variety of natural surface irregularities, including druzy pockets and cracks.

Affirmation: I am whole. I am valuable. I belong to the eternal. I am a divine being.

Chakra: Root, Heart


1: 188 grams

2: 170 grams

3: 171 grams

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