Flower Agate Bracelet

Lattice Wing
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Flower Agate is a soft pink/beige translucent agate with white and cream-colored three-dimensional opaque chalcedony inclusions that look like flowers.  It has a soft, feminine energy that encourages you to give yourself what you need to grow.  It decreases fear and self-doubt and facilitates growth.  It helps to heal the heart of long-held trauma and pain.  Use it to help manifest your true path and purpose.

Affirmation: I am whole. I am valuable. I belong to the eternal. I am a divine being.

Chakra: Root, Heart

Dimensions: 10mm beads, approximately 7 inch hot pink elastic cord

Please Note: The crystals in the picture are typical of what will be received, but are for example only.  Measurements are approximate, and each stone is completely unique.  They will vary in shape and color.  We will carefully select the perfect piece for the recipient with love.

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