Large Rose Quartz Freeform

Lattice Wing
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Rose quartz is a variety of quartz that gets its hazy pink color from the inclusion of microscopic fibers of a mineral related to dumortierite.  Due to these fibers, true rose quartz is always somewhat opaque, and does not occur in well formed crystals.

Rose quartz is one of my favorite minerals, and I have it all over my house and office.  I think of large pieces like this as a lamp, just gently shining with undemanding, happy energy.  It nurtures the heart chakra, promoting kindness, gentleness, compassion, and love.

Affirmation: I deserve love and compassion from myself and others.

Chakra: Heart

This freeform is very heavy, with a nice gemmy pink color and an extremely glossy polish.

Dimensions: 2,699 grams (almost 6 pounds!), apx 170mm tall, 128mm wide, 100mm wide at base (thinner at top).

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