High Quality Mozambique Rose Quartz Freeform

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Rose quartz is a variety of quartz that gets its hazy pink color from the inclusion of microscopic fibers of a mineral related to dumortierite.  Due to these fibers, true rose quartz is always somewhat opaque, and does not occur in well formed crystals.

Rose quartz has a strong but gentle, undemanding, happy energy.  It nurtures the heart chakra, promoting kindness, gentleness, compassion, and love.

Affirmation: I deserve love and compassion from myself and others.

Chakra: Heart

Each of these hand cut freeforms is one of a kind - made of super high quality, glassy Mozambique rose quartz!


1: 40 grams (rainbow!)

2: 44 grams

3: 45 grams

4: 46 grams

5: 46 grams

6: 51 grams

7: 52 grams

8: 55 grams

9: 55 grams

10:57 grams (rainbow!)

11: 57 grams

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