Grape Agate Specimen 1

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Grape agate entered the international mineral market in 2016 from Indonesia and is very popular and valuable. However, it isn't actually agate at all- it's an unusual form of amethyst.  The proper name is botryoidal amethyst, because the crystals form in small spheres, like a bunch of grapes.  Some specimens have a druzy surface with small amethyst crystals visible.

Grape agate is a gentle stone that can increase intuition and psychic abilities.  It vibrates at a high frequency, and gently opens and unites the crown and third eye chakras.  It encourages self-confidence and stability. It is ideal for meditation and to facilitate lucid dreaming.  

Affirmation: I am a divine being. I am at peace in my connection to the universe.

Chakra: Crown, Third Eye

This large specimen has good 'grape' formation, and a lovely lavender color with some shades of soft green- a sought after coloration.

Dimensions: 218 grams, 89x57x61mm