Crystal Affirmations

Why Affirmations?

Every crystal from Lattice Wing comes with an information card with an affirmation.  The unique energy of each crystal will support the particular affirmation associated with it. 


Affirmations have been scientifically proven to increase activity in the reward centers of the brain, as well as areas of the brain connected to your perception of yourself.  Your subconscious mind doesn't distinguish between things you visualize and things that actually occur.  Self-affirmation has been shown to improve problem solving and performance and decrease stress. 


Through your life, you've heard, thought, and said countless negative things about yourself and your life.  A positive affirmation practice is an effort to fight back against that tide of negativity.  It can change your brain, and change your life.


Start by saying one or two chosen affirmations each day when you get up, and before getting into bed.  Repeat each one ten times, and really focus on hearing and believing it as you say it.  Hold your crystal while you do this, and then if you can, carry that crystal through the day to remind you to keep that affirmation at the forefront of your mind.


Use the affirmations on the cards as a guide, and change the wording to feel comfortable for you if you need to.  Remember, sometimes the most difficult affirmations to say aloud are the ones you need the most.


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African Bloodstone: My inner strength guides and protects me.

Amazonite: I speak with honesty and integrity, and know that I am heard.

Amethyst: I see clearly and maintain my own inner calm.

Ametrine: It is safe for me to be powerful. I create my own reality.

Apatite: I have the power to receive and share inspiration and knowledge.

Black Moonstone: I am supported and protected through transitions in my life.

Black Tourmaline: I release all negativity, and am protected from unwanted energies.

Blue Calcite: I  have a deep and limitless inner peace.

Blue Kyanite: I receive and accept communication from all sources for my highest good.

Bumblebee Jasper: I have the courage to manifest my wildest dreams.

Caribbean Calcite: I am grateful for this moment, and can be present to all I experience.

Carnelian: I am strong and capable and can take action to improve my life.

Celestite: I am loved and guided by angels and my higher self.

Charoite: I can progress past fear and step into my power. I breathe in calmness and clarity.

Citrine: I manifest success and joy in my life. I am worthy of abundance.

Clear Quartz: I see my goals and intentions clearly, and the universe supports me on my path forward.

Crazy Lace Agate: I choose joy, even in times of challenge.

Fire Quartz/Golden Healer: I am in control of my reactions, and let go of patterns that hold me back. 

Flower Agate: I am whole. I am valuable. I belong to the eternal. I am a divine being.

Fluorite: I act with clarity and courage to create the life I desire.

Garnet: I can identify my true desires, and know that I can achieve them.

Grape Agate: I am a divine being. I am at peace in my connection to the universe.

Green Aventurine: I attract new opportunities.

Hematite:  I draw strength from my connection to the earth.

Howlite: I react from a place of confidence and with my goals in mind.

Indigo Gabbro: My authenticity and vulnerability make me wise and powerful.  

K2: My body is a powerful messenger, and I welcome the guidance I receive from the universe.

Kambaba Jasper: I possess ancient wisdom and am rooted in the present moment.

Kunzite: I have the strength to remain open to the energy of love and life.

Labradorite: The light and magic of the universe flow through me and protect me.

Lapis Lazuli: I honor the voice of my intuition and align my actions with my true self.

Larvikite: I know what action is best to serve myself and others, and the universe supports me.

Lepidolite: I am safe, and trust that the universe will support and guide me.

Lodolite: I powerfully manifest my true destiny. 

Mahogany Obsidian: I am worthy of healing. I release energetic ties that are not aligned with my highest self.

Malachite: I embody and attract strength and positive energy. I do not need to be perfect.

Mangano Calcite:  I release the need to judge myself and others negatively.

Moldavite: I have the courage to walk my true path. I am open to spiritual transformation.

Moss Agate: I embrace growth and change and steadily progress toward my goals.

Orange Calcite: I am full of passion and creativity and welcome abundance into my life.

Peach Moonstone: I am enough and I do enough.  I can recognize and meet my own needs.

Pink Amethyst:  I am guided by love in all things. I forgive myself and others.

Pink Opal: My heart is strong and resilient.  It is easy to release myself from my worries.

Pink Tourmaline: I am loved and supported, and treat myself and others with gentleness.

Prasiolite:  I am creative and abundant. I treat myself with compassion and acceptance.

Prehnite: My heart has the wisdom to heal myself and others.

Pyrite: I attract abundance. I act decisively and with confidence.

Red Jasper: I am strong and fearless. I belong here.

Rhodonite: My vulnerability is a gift, and I am strongest when my heart is open.

Rhodochrosite: My thoughts and feelings are valid. I am safe and worthy of love.

Rose Quartz: I deserve love and compassion from myself and others.

Ruby Zoisite: Day by day, I create my ideal life. I am expanding my awareness and developing my abilities.

Selenite: I release everything that no longer serves me.

Smoky Quartz: I am grounded in the present moment and have what I need to move forward.

Snowflake Obsidian: I am powerful, focused, and protected. I can make positive changes in my life.

Strawberry Quartz: I love and accept myself and release the need for external validation.

Sodalite: I trust my intuition, and can speak my truth calmly and with clarity.

Sunstone: My truth and light are a service to others. 

Tiger's Eye: I can do hard things. I can make difficult choices. I know what is best for me.

Unakite: I am calm, centered, and present. My past does not define me.