I'm so excited that you're here.  Lattice Wing is an online store selling high quality crystals and mineral specimens sourced from around the world.  I believe that crystals are real life magic, and can change your life.  They are ancient pieces of the earth itself and each carries an energy all its own.  I work with suppliers all over the world to bring you unique and beautiful pieces. 

I am a mother, lawyer, natural health enthusiast, believer in magic, and amateur psychic.  I love crystals, and am passionate about both the geology and the energy they represent.  

I take great pride in the quality of the products I offer and my ability to accurately identify and describe materials.  I only sell the best of what I find, so my inventory is constantly changing.  Be sure to follow Lattice Wing on Instagram and Facebook to be notified when new items arrive or old favorites are restocked! I occasionally have story sales on Instagram @latticewingcrystals for limited stock items, so don't miss out!

Please feel free to email me with any questions at  






1. Do you do live sales?

Not at this time, but I may in the future.  I will announce it by email and social media if I'm ever planning one, so stay tuned! I do have story sales on my Instagram page @latticewingcrystals.

2. Why Lattice Wing? 

Because I am a giant nerd.  (Longer answer: The particles that form a crystal are arranged in a precise three dimensional structure called a lattice.  A crystal contains mathematically perfect structures that form here on earth, but help a person to reach higher levels of consciousness and self-awareness.  Lattice Wing comes from my own interest in crystals, which lies right at the intersection of the geological and the metaphysical.)

3. I found a crystal at Home Goods or TJ Maxx, is it authentic?

Probably!  More and more mainstream retailers are carrying crystals.  The more you educate yourself about quality and signs of authenticity, the better you will get at knowing when you're getting a good deal.  There are a lot of fakes out there, but when it comes to authentic products, the difference between higher and lower quality crystals is not always obvious to a more casual collector, and in the end, only matters if it matters to you.  I want my customers to be educated and knowledgeable about what they're buying.

4. Do you have pets? 

[No one actually asked this.]  But yes!! I do and you should definitely check out my Instagram for lots of candid dog and cat content.  I also have two young daughters who are arguably even cuter than the animals, but I try to keep them off of the business page, so we'll all just have to make do with a puppy and a cranky old cat.