Kambaba Jasper Palmstone

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Kambaba Jasper is microcrystalline quartz with ancient fossilized algae colonies called Stromatolites contained within it.  The algae dates back more than three billion years - the beginning of life on our planet - and gives this stone a special relationship with nature.

Kambaba Jasper is a stone of tranquility.  It is nurturing and heart healing and can decrease chronic negative feelings like guilt and resentment.  It can also help with efforts to decrease technology use and distraction.

Affirmation: I possess ancient wisdom and am rooted in the present moment.

Chakra: Heart, Root

Dimensions: Approximately 90-115 grams.

Please Note: The crystals in the picture are typical of what will be received, but are for example only.  Measurements are approximate, and each stone is completely unique.  They will vary in shape and color.  We will carefully select the perfect piece for the recipient with love.

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