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Lepidolite is a rare, lithium-rich variant of mica with a purple coloring.  It has a very unique energy.  It is healing to the nervous system, and can aid in finding serenity and calm.  Meditating with lepidolite can help you to separate what is true from what is an emotional reaction or fear.  Use it to assist with anxiety, insomnia, and nightmares.

Affirmation: I am safe, and trust that the universe will support and guide me.

Chakra: Third eye, Crown


Howlite, originally known as the much less catchy "silicoborocalcite," is a soft mineral that most often occurs in masses with an opaque, white color with gray veining.  Crystals of howlite are rare.

Howlite is very nurturing and calming.  It is ideal for nervousness, sadness, grief, and trauma.  It can help you evaluate stressful situations through new eyes.

Affirmation: I react from a place of confidence and with my goals in mind.

Chakra: Crown, Root


Labradorite is a gray feldspar mineral with a unique, other-worldly iridescence.  It is named after Labrador, Canada, where it was first documented by European missionaries, although it was referenced in Inuit legends. Typically, the 'flash' of labradorite is gold, blue, and green, but it is occasionally purple and pink as well. 

Labradorite can connect us to the spirit world- the other dimension that lies just beyond the mundane.  It is a powerful protection stone, and can provide protection while traveling to other realms, or helping to shield from the negativity of the world.  I personally like to sleep with labradorite in my bedroom, and it is said to help prevent nightmares.

Affirmation: The light and magic of the universe flow through me and protect me.

Chakra: All


Dimensions: Approximately 45mm. Unpolished!

Please Note: The crystals in the picture are typical of what will be received, but are for example only.  Measurements are approximate, and each stone is completely unique.  They will vary in shape and color.  We will carefully select the perfect piece for the recipient with love.

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