Celestite Geode

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Celestite, also known as celestine, is a delicate, sky blue strontium sulfate mineral.  While it is found all over the world, celestite geodes such as these typically come from Madagascar.  Often, polished blue calcite is sold as celestite, but celestite crystals are too small and delicate to be made into towers or smooth spheres.  Celestite is much heavier than calcite however, and a density test will always reveal if an item is calcite or celestite.

Celestite is the stone of angels.  It has a very high vibration, and can help you reach your spirit guides and higher self.  It is my personal favorite crystal for assisting meditation, especially paired with a more grounding stone.  Celestite has an airy, peaceful energy. Sleep with celestite to facilitate lucid dreams.

Affirmation: I am loved and guided by angels and my higher self.

Chakra: Crown, Third Eye, Throat

Please Note: Celestite is fragile, and should be kept out of direct sunlight.

Dimensions: 1.049kg!! 122mm wide

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