African Bloodstone Tumbled Stone - Medium

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African Bloodstone, also called Setonite, is a type of translucent to opaque green chalcedony with spots of dark red.  It is similar to the more traditional bloodstone, which is a forest-green jasper with flecks of red. It is said to absorb and purify negative energies, and can help release grief.  It is strengthening, healing, and protective. 

Affirmation: My inner strength guides and protects me.

Chakra: Heart, Root

Dimensions: Approximately 20-30 grams.

Please Note: The crystals in the picture are typical of what will be received, but are for example only.  Measurements are approximate, and each stone is completely unique.  They will vary in shape and color.  We will carefully select the perfect piece for the recipient with love.

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